With a heavy influence from 1950’s and 1960’s women’s wear, Jun Takahashi channels such fashion greats as Jackie O and Brigitte Bardot for the women’s Spring/Summer 2018 Undercover launch. Shift dresses, baby-dolls, creeper platforms and endless Cindy Sherman effigies suffuse this densely feminine release. Takahashi is noted for his use of silks, lace and embroidery — staple notions of his native city of Kiryū in the Gunma prefecture. While not limiting himself to these endemic textiles, Takahashi uses such materials as patent leather, gabardine and raw cotton fleeces to contrast the ultra-feminine collection. The theme for this collection orbits the trope of the Roman god Janus, two-faced, with one looking into the past and the other perpetually looking ahead. Matched models parade the distinctive pieces in complementary colours and textures. The ‘spiritual protégé’ of Rei Kawabuko, Takahashi truly imbues his spirit in this collection, reflecting a vivacious and whimsical attitude. While his previous season saw influence from Eiko Ishioka and was mused by Björk, this season is a different animal entirely; theatrical pieces are pared down and slight, simple silhouettes take the spotlight with vivid colours and scintillescence


“Burroughs Reloaded” by Victor Bockris


Following the interesting release of PAMTASM, Australian retailer, clothing label and publisher Perks And Mini offer their second publication with…

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