Slam Jam interviews Hiroki Nakamura of visvim®

Italy’s Slam Jam continues to set the standard for retail in Europe, and have recently opened the continent’s first visvim® pop-up space. To coincide with the special pop-up the Slam Jam team speaks with founder and head designer Hiroki Nakamura to learn more about his influences, history, and life split between Los Angeles and Japan. visvim and Slam Jam’s European pop-up space which will be open until October 15th at Slam Jam Milano. Read an excerpt from the interview below and find the full article at Slam Jam.

You’ve mentioned that you’re still very much excited about all things visvim. Is it difficult to continue finding things to get excited about? As children, we have a sense of freedom which is what you’ve alluded to. How has it changed as you get older and more experienced?

I’m trying to push myself not to be caught up with something. You know, every day I often have to ask myself, “you really sure you want to make that choice?” It became too routine, and I needed to get out of it. Regarding excitement, when I was younger I would need a really big trip, like going to the North Pole, to be inspired. Now I explore things internally and how I feel about certain things. There are a lot of small things that bits of inspiration.

How does the stability of say, living in Los Angeles influence you now?

You know, it’s funny. We had an office for almost 15 years. I had one previous staff member who was working with us in Tokyo and she moved back to LA and I suggested we set up an office. I rarely had a chance to spend time to discover the city. One time, my wife Kelsey and I missed a flight out to New Mexico. I suggested, why not stay the night and spend a day. And I realized how cool of a city it was. And the light is amazing!


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