Understated Row House Project by Aleph-Bau

The notorious Toronto architectural firm Aleph-Bau has offered one of the most subtle yet lurid renovations I’ve seen in this city in a long time. Traditionally, Toronto harbours a specific style of architecture: bay-and-gable style homes. Neighbourhoods across the city are littered with streets of row houses. Over the years, these homes have either stayed the same, or have been completely redeveloped. There is a stark contrast of the architecture of the past and the innovations of the future: decrepit residences are shadowed by newly vamped ‘modernist’ renovations. These modern renditions are extremely bold and not always pretty. Even famed chef Anthony Bourdain hates our architecture, finding himself uncomfortable juxtaposition of the very old and the very new, with no progress in between. Thankfully, at 12 Tacoma, the traditional and the modern find harmony. In the Summerhill neighborhood, Aleph-Bau worked to preserve the character of the area while bringing in new life. Bright white paint keeps the exterior in accord with the area; passers-by are otherwise unaware at the contemporary innards. The home features an open metal staircase, sunken living room, and endless windows. Take a peek for yourself, online or if you’re in the neighborhood.

Source: Design Milk