Honeyee follows Shinsuke Takizawa & Tet Nishiyama at "The Trunk Market" Hiroshima

Honeyee recently published a story on Shinsuke Takizawa and Tet Nishiyama as they presented lesser known sides of their interests and endeavours separate from NEIGHBORHOOD and WTAPS. Participating as part of "The Trunk Market" flea in Hiroshima, the two talk in depth on the importance of living a well rounded lifestyle and the pending opening of their latest HOODS store in the surrounding area. On display at Takizawa's booth were an array of flora, obscure succulents and cacti which he categorizes under SRL ( Specimen Research Laboratory) alongside appropriately branded apparel. Tet offered exclusive WTAPS graphic tees for the event along with custom and one - off pieces from his DESCENDANT line. Visit Honeyee online to view the full feature.