Prada S/S 2018 Milan Runway

Prada's tactfully orchestrated collections never fail to pique my interest, and their most recent show in Milan testifies to the label's unabated relevance and creative spirit. Miuccia Prada often speaks to the importance of fashion as an "instant language," and the importance of harnessing the power of contemporary culture and specific cultural context in her collections. This season, she meditates on the duality between virtual reality and human reality, stating the inspiration as, "being [caught in] one side that is the virtual reality and one side that is the human part. We live in this double world between the two, so that is what interests me." Ruminating on this increasingly relevant and urgent dichotomy, Miuccia expresses the contrast between the artificial and the organic through nylon trousers and velcro strap trainers paired with heavy overcoats and classic poplin shirting, amongst others. Throughout the collection are also blousons, short-sleeved shirting, knits, curiously placed smaller bags and a multitude of jumpsuits; many given a strong, graphic treatment, which has become a fixture in the house. I found this season to be particularly conceptually intriguing and loved the themes expressed through Prada's timeless, minimal tailoring. 

Source: Vogue