Supreme and Artek Checkerboard Aalto Stool and Bench

Well on their way to have left their signature touch on every possible object in existence, Supreme has worked with the progressive European furniture design house Artek on a set of custom printed seating verions of Artek's Aalto Stool 60 and Aalto Bench 153A. Both pieces stand on Artek's distinct patented "L" shaped legs and feature a silk screen printed checkerboard pattern across the surface. The stackable stool was created in 1933 by founder Alvar Aalto and is one of Artek's most recognized creations because of it's simple execution that managed to combine design, technology and timeless style. Both the custom Stool 60 and Bench 153A are now available via Supreme's webshop as well in flagship stores worldwide for $398 and $798 USD respectively.