visvim® Cotton Blend Corduroy Jacket

This visvim jacket emphasizes the intersectional sensibilities of the label to me; traditional workwear and Americana Inspirations with a high-tech, high-quality design element. The grey corduroy exterior is a cotton, polyester and hemp blend, and the jacket is lined with a soft and aged flannel lining.  It's almost impossible to palpably detect the quality and complexity of a fabric through e-comm photos, but this jacket is a beautiful example of how visvim's garments are often exempt from that rule.  A contemporary take on a classic blouson silhouette that still retains traditional and workwear elements in its DNA, this jacket is built to enrich itself with repeated wears. While the jacket would most definitely wear well with anything else in the visvim range, it lends itself enough versatility to be properly suited in complementing any subdued yet sophisticated wardrobe. I'd wear this with some High-Water trousers and some light sneakers for a perfect breezy summer night look. Find it now through select visvim stockist, including Mr. Porter.