Masayuki Nishimoto Discusses The Influences Which Led Him To Open The Mass Gallery

Last season, our editorial team in Tokyo had the opportunity to sit down with Masayuki Nishimoto - the creative director of The Mass gallery. Launched in the summer of 2016, the modern space was designed and built by acclaimed architect - Nobuo Araki; and provided the setting for an in depth conversation touching on Nishimoto's youth, his education abroad in America and the events which led him to open his own gallery spaces.

"A lot of people talk about a younger generation or our generation. Nowadays, younger creatives will often vent, saying there's no chance for them because the generation above is still running the show. At the same time, I feel like I wouldn't have the job I'm doing now because I believe an older generation paved the way for us all to get there. I feel like I'm here to make sure it gets passed on."

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