Paul Smith Meets Rei Kawakubo for Dazed

Celebrating the Met’s much hyped Comme des Garcons retrospective, Dazed dig into the archive, uncovering a fascinating interview between hugely successful industry veterans, Rei Kawakubo and Paul Smith. Characteristically cagey, Kawakubo answers Smith’s unpretentious questions with as few words as possible; nevertheless, the light-hearted exchange reveals some unfamiliar gems about the woman of the hour with the designer meets designer dynamic adding an extra layer of interest. Read on at Dazed.

Paul Smith: How important is music in your life? What type of music do you like? Do you listen to music while you work? Do you go to watch live bands? Do you go to concerts? Do you own a Walkman?
Rei Kawakubo: I never listen to music while working nor do I go to concerts. I like the sound of silence.

Paul Smith: Do you have any children?
Rei Kawakubo: Yes, 425. They all work at Comme des Garçons.