One of the gripes I have with being near sighted and wearing optical glasses every day is that I've never been able to properly wear sunglasses. I could choose to buy a pair of sunglasses and get the lenses refitted to match my sight but then I'd have to carry that pair around with me all day and toggle between glasses depending on where I am and transitional lenses are just a no-go period. I've seen a few brands like NEIGHBORHOOD and NATIVE SONS offer eyewear with a clip-on lens that solves everything without compromising your style and dignity. They're pretty hard to come by outside of Japan and sometimes the clip is sold separately from the frame making them rather pricy. I found these glasses by American label "FUCT" while browsing their website one day and I'm convinced they're the perfect in-between. The style of the frame is easily approachable and perfect for everyday wear and the clip on lens looks slick while performing it's basic task of blocking out the sun. The FUCT "Statesman" glasses come in black as well as a semi translucent golden yellow and retail for $230 USD which is very modest for frames handmade in Japan. Now the only problem remaining is that the pair of EFFECTOR optical frames I currently wear look nearly the exact same as these.