Salmistraro’s Primates at Bosa

In conjunction with ceramics collective Bosa, Elena Salmistraro returns with her newest collection: Primates. The Milan based designer and artist has a strong foundation and impact to match, working with such companies as Bitossi Home, Durame, and Yoox. Salmistraro’s style is a genial contrast of her passion for design and fanciful imagination. The collection calls to the design of the amphora of ancient Rome, which often featured animalistic and whimsical imagery. This new collection is also reminiscent of her earlier collections ‘Loricato’ and ‘Khepri’, inspired by Egyptian canopic jars. Salmistraro notes that these vases “have been created to remind us of the delicate relationship between man and ape. their playful appearance, combined with the colored glazes and precious metals make up the perfect blend as they seduce with their vital force.”