Untitled Project: Energy Surplus by SHOWstudio and CAV EMPT

Longtime collaborators SHOWstudio and CAV EMPT are both creative helms that are constantly pushing boundaries both in fashion and the presentation of fashion concepts. The two companies have worked together for a while and recently put out a new short film that is an amalgamation of an ongoing two year study regarding the ever popular term "youth." The video explores different concepts that make up the enigma that is "youth" and features a slew of heavily edited and distorted scenes of discussion and examples. The short film also features a track complementing a short dance scene by UK electronic producer REZZETT who has also worked with C.E on multiple occasions in the past. View the film above and make what you can out of it yourself. As for the clothing, special collaboration pieces are available for purchase on SHOWstudio's website along with a selected curation of C.E's spring summer product. More videos leading up to the "Energy Surplus" are also viewable here.

Direction: Nick Knight and Rei Nadal
Concept: Stavros Karelis and Cav Empt
Models: Ali Michael at Next Models London, Cosimo at TM Agency, Everton at House Warmers and Esrom, Ibrahim, Jyrell, Kalle, Sonny and Karnye.