KENZO’s Newest Fashion Film: "Gidi Gidi Gụ Ugwu Eze" (Unity Is Strength)

If you haven’t seen any of KENZO’s fashion films, take the afternoon off and do yourself a favour. For months, the French-Japanese fashion house has put its image directors, Partel Olivia and Khalil Joseph, to the test. And they have delivered. Olivia and Joseph have met with the current creative elite, offering them an opportunity to create something unique. This time around, filmmaker Akinola Davies, in conjunction with photographer Ruth Ossai and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, takes position. In creating what he calls “an exhibition celebrating Nigerian beauty and identity”, Davies unveils his short, entitled “Gidi Gidi Bu Ugwu Ze, Unity is Strength”. The film is a reinterpretation of a beauty pageant, set in primigenial Nigeria to nail home its challenge of Western standards of beauty. With full reign, Davies insisted on using Nigerian Igbo youth. Check out the rest of the interview here, where Davies, Ossai and Kamara offer greater insight on the project.