ROSWELL’S Unaging Architecture

There is an unspoken fascination with the American southwest; Georgia O’Keeffe once said of the American Southwest that is is “Such a beautiful, untouched lonely feeling place … It is a place I have painted before ... even now I must do it again." Many who roam out to these parts seldom return. Esoteric Survey examines the Wilshire Shopping Center, built in 1964 for a then burgeoning Roswell, New Mexico. The sandcast concrete and structured orifices offer the illusion of space, presenting an understated fitment to a sterile landscape. The shopping centre features the artwork of American sculptor Herb Goldman, known for his love of medium versatility. A Detroit native, Goldman lived and worked in New Mexico for nearly twenty years. Panel pieces litter the walls while the shadow of the focal statue, Janus, stretches against the front doors. Unfortunately, as of 2016, the statue no longer stands at the entrance.