Edge of the Forest | Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Daigo, in the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, is straddled on both ends by Mount Nantai and Mount Yamizo. The town in lush with its belt of forest, offering residents perpetual greenery (except in winter, of course). Architects at the Yamazaki Kentaro Design workshop pulled from the local panorama to create the Sayanomoto Clinic. Entitled “Edges of the Forest”, this project was one to connect the residents to their town and further to the forest. Yamazaki Kentaro specifically used scraps from local lumber mills to create the clinic, offering a cafe, bookstore and shared office/event space. By literally using the ‘edges’ the forest, the spirit of the surrounding forest is felt in each corner of the space. What’s more, local residents were encouraged to help pull the project together; the wooden tiles were hand placed by neighbours, further connecting the space to the community.

Source: Arch Daily