MUJI Minimalist Homes

Muji is always creating unique, functional, and sustainable products. Taking housewares one step further, Muji has created a line of expertly designed prefabricated homes. The idea was originally conceived in 2000 when Muji incorporated a standalone architectural entity, Muji House Ltd. The concept came about in light of Japan’s unusual housing market. Unlike in North America, most homebuyers prefer to build new instead of purchasing a pre-owned home. The average age of a home in Japan is 38, compared to 100+ years in North America. Muji saw this as an opportunity; to offer designer homes and lessen the cost of building fresh. Working with architects, like Shigeru Ban, Muji created three styles of homes. These homes consist of two parts, the ‘skeleton’ and the ‘infill’. Pick your inside, pick your outside, done. The customer has the opportunity to work with Muji to further design their home to their needs, offering an economically feasible alternative.

Source: Not a Paper House