Business of Fashion interviews Luca Benini of Slam Jam

Entitled "How Slam Jam's Blend of Commerce and Culture Sells Streetwear" the latest article interviews Luca Benini of Italian retail imprint - Slam Jam. The conversation with 50-something year old Benini highlights the fashion veteran's ability to keep his finger on the pulse of culture after 28 years. Slam Jam first opened its doors in the small provincial town of Ferrara in 1989 and as of 2016 consists of 88 employees with a revenue of over €40 Million. Sharing familiar cultural interests and paths seen during the rise of streetwear, Benini worked as a DJ, printed T-shirts, and fine-tuned his mastery to mix and amalgamate cultures credibly. The Slam Jam enterprise now account for a number of retail operations (Slam Jam stores/Licensed Stüssy and Carhartt shops) around the world and e-commerce; in addition to distribution and production network working with designers and brands such as Alyx. Read the full article about Luca Benini of Slam Jam over at Business of Fashion