nonnative Trooper Easy Pants Relax Fit C/N Weather Overdyed

Pants can get pretty boring sometimes. Even if the fit is impeccable and it's the most perfect hue of olive green with triple needle reinforced stitching and has the perfectly sized pocket to fit your phone, they are still just a pair of pants. nonnative has just delivered a pant that features an array of small details borrowed from other styles and reconsidered them all into a totally new design. The elastic draw string waist adds optimal comfort, there are an array of pockets reminiscent of cargo pants with silver custom branded zipper closures as well as a zip hem that allows the wearer to adjust the fit easily. My favourite detail is the small loop on the right side of the waist which lets you hook on a wallet chain if you have one. The options with these pants are pretty open and the fabric is also overdyed to give it a one of a kind colouration that will wear well over time.

The nonnative Trooper Easy Pants Relax Fit C/N Weather Overdyed are available for purchase now through HAVEN along with a selection of nonnative's other spring summer product.