Kapwani Kiwanga | "A Wall Is Just A Wall"

Look beyond the Instagram-primed spectacle foregrounding Kapwani Kiwanga’s exhibition A Wall is just a wall, and her nuanced look at how the politics behind architectural details shape our behaviours comes to light. Newly commissioned and currently on view at The Power Plant, the exhibition consists of the neon-lit installation pink-blue and the single-channel video A Primer — both of which are joined together by a barely audible looping track. Shot like a moving colour-field painting reminiscent of Josef Albers, the video plays with the audio and its frames to draw out the subtle ways in which bodies are conditioned and disciplined within constructed space.

Based in Paris, Kapwani Kiwanga has recently shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou, the 2016 edition of the Armory Show in Paris and at Logan Centre Exhibitions at the University of Chicago. A Wall is just a wall runs at the Power Plant in Toronto now until May 14th 2017. Get more insight into the show in her interview with FADER.