It's Nice That talks art direction with Clara von Zweigberg of HAY Design

It's Nice That recently interviewed graphic designer and art director Clara von Zweigberg on her on going work with Copenhagen based design house HAY. In this interview, Clara discusses her work with HAY, and balancing between the mediums of graphic design, product design and art direction.

What was your introduction to art direction?
I was interested in typography (and calligraphy) already as a teenager and somehow figured I should work at an advertising agency. I looked up the ad agency section in the phone book and randomly called one named Intellecta, not knowing anything about them or the industry. With only some not very good drawings to show, they nicely enough hired me as an assistant to several talented art directors. After a fun and educative year I started graphic design (and more) studies at Beckmans School of Design. 

What is your process when creating commercial work?
Branding, as I see it, is about communicating what the company wants to be, to the people it would like to reach, and creating visual language that is unique to the company. To work with Hay has for me been easy in the aspect that we share a lot of ideas and I am also someone likely to buy their products.

As for doing commercial products, I have less of an idea. I do what I like, and what I think fits with the company. Some products become more commercially successful than others. It does not necessarily correspond with the quality of the work, which is subjective of course.

For the process I tend to work things through until I am happy with it before asking opinions, but there is usually lots of options, and at a certain stage I find it very helpful to get input from others. Just not too early in the process, then I get confused.

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