Petra Collins 'Pacifier' Exhibit to Open in Toronto

With fame acclimating from her recent project with Gucci, Petra Collins has quickly made strides and garnered attention. Less than 10 year ago, the 24-year old Toronto native began experimenting with photography in her own teenage world. Collins’ quickly defined her style which many have come to hail as “dreamy, diary-like” and “rainbow-tinted”. While these superficial designations are correct, Collins’ reveals a deeply personal element to her photography. Her work is blatantly proud, but skirts hubris with its power to evoke emotions from both the subject and the audience. Collins’ returns home to stage her newest show, Pacifier, at the CONTACT gallery. Beginning April 29th, the show will run until June 23. Collins herself will introduce her work with a talk at 2pm on the 29th. If you’re curious on knowing more about Collins and her work visit the CONTACT gallery website