Meet the Meiers: Jil Sander’s new Creative Director Duo

Jil Sander eagerly welcomes its new creative director team: husband and wife pair Luke and Lucie Meier. The team at Jil Sander awaits working with the pair, anticipating their unique complementary vision. CEO Alessandra Bettari predicts, “the creation of very clever collections and a world to be inspired by.” The couple find their careers long sown in the fashion world. Lucie began at Louis Vuitton, under the direction of Marc Jacobs. She quickly advanced, working at Balenciaga and Raf Simons’s Dior. After eight years as head designer at the monolithic skate brand Supreme, Luke departed to start his own line, OAMC and he will continue to contribute to OAMC while working at Jil Sander.