kolor Wide-Leg Wrap Over Trousers

These kolor trousers over at LN-CC are one of the highlights of the season for me. They epitomize kolor's aesthetic; traditional tailoring combined with a distinct eccentricity. Avant-garde yet also recognizable, they remind me of a pair of Yohji Trousers with the wrap over detail. As Yohji often did, Junichi Abe deconstructs the idea of a regular pair of suit trousers. However, I find that the light, suiting weave conjoined with the rich shade of gray in the fabric makes them eminently more wearable and easily translatable into my wardrobe than more esoteric designs of a similar ilk. These trousers, much like many of kolor's designs, are deceptively simple and relaxed, but still convey the bold personality and vision of designer Abe. I like the way LN-CC has styled them, but personally, I'd style these trousers with a chunkier, voluminous sweater or button-up.