Documenting The Artist: Reiner Holzemer sits down with Kinfolk

Kinfolk Magazine recently published an interview with Reiner Holzemer, the auteur behind the documentary feature on the life, history, and creative process of legendary designer Dries Van Noten. Holzemer ruminates on the fictiveness of documentary as a medium, its similarities to photography, and how he seeks to represent his subjects. Having profiled international artists throughout his 30-year career as a filmmaker, Holzemer's sensitive and precise approach lends itself well to capturing the vibrant life of Dries. A veteran filmmaker, Holzemer portrays himself as a student of the medium and someone who genuinely learns from and enjoys his craft - not unlike his subject. Being a huge admirer of Dries' intellectually rigorous conceptual work, I can not wait to get a window in the life and mind of a designer who has resisted the pulls of fashion conglomerates and globalization for over 25 years now. Check out the interview over on Kinfolk.

Is there a general objective to your work as a documentarist?

The obvious one is to explore worlds that I’m unfamiliar with. Moreover, I want to give people a feeling of having been there with me and the protagonist. We had a private screening of the film in Antwerp with Dries’ friends and family. A young lady came up to me after the screening and said, “I had to close my eyes for a few seconds at times to realize that I wasn’t part of the film.” My work is very personal and intimate in many ways and being able to pass those aspects onto the viewers is what I’d like to achieve.