Ishikawa Masumi「深世界紀行」Exhibit




Contemporary Ukiyo-e artist Ishikawa Masumi (石川真澄) is known for his modern take on tradition Utagawa style woodblock printing. He apprenticed under a 6th generation master of the Utagawa school of Ukiyo-e for a short period and further self-studied in the style after his master's untimely death. His commercial work in the past have included officially licensed renditions for the likes of Star Wars, KISS, and Iron Maiden.

His latest personal exhibition will be held at the B Gallery operated by BEAMS. The exhibition entitled 「深世界紀行」loosely translated as "Deep World Travels" will consist of works dealing with satirical issues, modern societal views, and contradictory imagery. 

Source: BEAMS

石川真澄 展覧会 『深世界纪行』
April 28 - May 14
B Gallery (Beams Japan 5F)
3-32-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3 5368 7305