"Damn Son Where Did You Find This" Limited edition re-release

Originally published by La Vida LoCash and limited to 400 hand-numbered copies, "Damn Son Where Did You Find This" was recently republished by Buchhandlung Walther König as a trade edition. Tobias Hansson and Michael Thorsby’s ode to graphic design in current rap is the first book to focus on modern hiphop mixtape cover art. Featuring designers KidEight, Miami Kaos, Mike Rev, and Tansta & Skrilla, the book showcases over 500 cover art for the likes of Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and the Game. In-depth interviews offer a closer glimpse into their creative process in Photoshop, the visual trends in rap and the anarchic freedom of operating outside of “major label guidelines, lawyer opinions and moral hindrances”. Find a copy of the book through Walther König and dive into rap music’s uncensored and unhinged visual world.

Image source: Michael Thorsby