A Closer Look at Japan's Styling Industry

Business of Fashion explores Japan's elusive styling industry that has kept Tokyo at the forefront of fashion for decades. Speaking with both established and up and coming stylists and industry insiders, the article shines a light on their unique way of working that will often include heavy layering, mixing of high fashion with vintage and streetwear garments, and a keen focus on product. Find an excerpt below and read the full article at BOF.

According to Daisuke Gemma, the creative director of Sacai, Japanese stylists are particularly good at knowing how to coordinate because the bar is set high by the public. “The way they mix clothes is unique [because] in Japan even normal people on the street have interesting style [so] our stylists are influenced by them,” he says.

Yet while ‘Japanese style’ is famous the world over, Japanese stylists are a relatively enigmatic bunch to the outside world. Few have enjoyed the international spotlight like their designer compatriots. It is curious because, collectively, they are known for their unparalleled commitment to the craft. 

Photo by Yuichi Akagi, styling by Masataka Hattori from intelligence Magazine Issue 03.