Jee-Ook Choi Defies Definition With Her Illustrations

Describing her work as ‘dry and poetic’, Jee-ook Choi continues to elicit great meaning in subtle ways. The South Korean illustrator takes a fanciful approach to her work. It echoes the sentiment of symbolism: directly in contrast with any reality white favouring the imagination and sentiment. Jee-ook notes, “I try to put complex emotions into my illustrations, but I’m careful not to overdo it … To be honest, I spend more time worrying what to draw rather than the actual drawing.” Her style also throws a nod to the late Moebius, with its uncanny whimsicality, fine lines and palettes. In contrast to her personal work, Jee-ook does commission work for such clients as The New Yorker and Stella magazine. In a notion that all freelance workers can appreciate, Jee-ook remarks that “it’s interesting to come up with ideas with limitations, it’s great to balance what the client wants, the audience wants and what [you] want.”

SOURCE: Itsnicethat