Nepenthes Unveils Part 2 of SS17 'AS USUAL' Editorial

Nepenthes has just released a follow up to last month's "AS USUAL" editorial series. Shot on film by Rintaro Ishige with styling and direction by Takayuki Tanaka, the editorial captures the banality of modern life and depicts a night out in Tokyo with a group of youth. I always enjoy Nepenthes' editorials because they highlight the versatility of the Nepenthes brandlist which, on the surface, may seem to sway toward the heritage or workwear realm of the menswear spectrum. The editorial also plays around with design by splicing and collaging images together and incorporating elements of Instagram and video; further highlighting the new/old and high/low contrasts that characterize the company and it's goods. Check out the full editorial at Nepenthes.