Ten c Introduces Lightweight Outerwear for SS17

Launched by industry veterans, Paul Harvey and Allesandro Pungetti, Ten c has quietly made a name for itself in high-end mens sportswear. The label was created around a revolutionary new fabric called 'OJJ' that is characterized by a utilitarian yet luxurious handfeel and would mold to the body and patina with continued use. Harvey and Pungetti used the fabric to create a small collection of jackets based on iconic military silhouettes. Since then the duo have slowly introduced new materials into the line-up, and while none have matched OJJ in terms of uniqueness, each are carefully considered and serve a clear purpose. The latest renditions utilizes a lightweight cotton/polyester sourced from Japan that will be perfect for spring, fall, and cool summer evenings or even layered underneath a heavier coat in winter. Available now from HAVEN.