Maple Silver 925 Bangle by Justin Rivard

Maple teams up with traditional Cree jeweller - Justin Rivard for a limited-run capsule collection of handcrafted silver accessories. This bangle combines rigorous attention to detail and generationally time-tested traditional craftsmanship with Maple's distinctly rugged, west-coast aesthetic. Hand carved in Canada from high grade 925 sterling silver, this bangle is unobtrusive and lacks the gaudiness that besets the bulk of men's jewelry in today's market. The intertwined Western and Aboriginal cultural reference points along with the palpable appreciation of authenticity that Maple brings to their products makes them stand alone to me. I always enjoy seeing a label that produces beautiful and quality products outside of the ephemeral cycles of fashion. This bracelet is subtle enough to be integrated into any wardrobe, and it is doubtless manufactured with a lifetime of use in mind. Find it now through select Maple stockists, including HAVEN.