A Rare Interview with Colette’s Founders

The New York Times grabs a rare interview with Colette founders, mother and daughter team, Colette Roussaux and Sarah Andelman. Celebrating its 20th year, the contemporary Parisian store quickly became a go-to shopping destination in a city better known for its more traditional retail spaces. Its success a mixture of timing and a clever buying strategy, Colette’s raft of collaborations and regular in-store events have equally buoyed its popularity. Discussing their working relationship as well as their organic approach to the Colette aesthetic, Ms. Roussaux comments: “I think what makes the difference is that we don’t need to ask anyone else about what we want to do…If we want to paint the place green or blue, we talk about it for two minutes, and we do it. I think that’s the secret: work and spontaneity.” Read more here.

Images: Agnes Dherbeys for NYT/Getty