Margiela Vintage Jeans Jacket

To my eyes, this patch pocket denim jacket is the highlight of the new season of Maison Margiela; the denim jacket is truly iconic within the rich history of menswear, and I've always had some iteration of it as a go-to in my wardrobe. While denim may not be as popular as it was during its apotheosis in the heritage movement early this decade, I'm always intrigued to see whatever avant-garde takes on it I can find. Margiela re-imagines this classic garment by applying the label's deconstructionist aesthetic to it, transforming a familiar staple into a piece that masterfully blends Margiela's subversive perspective with luxurious, high quality craftsmanship.  This jacket reminds me of Japanese boro, but instead of using recycled denim and asymmetrical patchwork, Margiela neatly compartmentalizes the one section of indigo dyed fabric. Boro, much like the denim jacket itself, is steeped in tradition, but Margiela takes elements of both of these to create a garment which is as recognizable as it is distinctly modern and conceptually engaging. Find it now though Tres-Bien Shop.