Needles 7.5oz Denim Samue Jacket

I love anything that falls under the Nepenthes umbrella, and Keizo Shimizu’s line Needles is no exception. Shimizu, who also founded Nepenthes, always offers a creative and elegant synthesis of vintage military, sportswear, and Americana elements in his garments. Needles emanates a relaxed and unpretentious vibe, and this season's take on a traditional Japanese Samue jacket exemplifies the ethos of his brand. The Samue jacket was historically a work jacket for Japanese Buddist Monks, but Shimizu reimagines it within the perspective of Americana by producing it in a visibly soft, 7.5 oz indigo exterior that has a vintage inspired finish. While the fit of the Samue is largely unchanged, brass hardware replaces drawstrings, and hand pockets and triple stitch seams are additions.  The relaxed, raglan shoulders and slightly oversized fit of the garment would look great with some roomier trousers, and maybe a flannel from Needles’ more avant-garde iteration, Rebuild by Needles. Available now through HAVEN.