E. Tautz | Navy Cotton Trousers

E. Tautz, with its creative iterations of traditional suiting fabrics and proportions, is always a solid bet to find provocative but highly wearable garments.  Further, E. Tautz is always of immaculate quality, and all their garments are ethically produced and sourced across the UK. There’s nothing I like more than finding an interesting pair of trousers, and I love the matte cotton-twill fabric that these bring, in addition to the wide, relaxed silhouette. I find it can be difficult to find an intriguing pair of pants from a cotton-twill fabric, but the subtle intricacies and details of these pants and how these interact with each other really makes them a stand out in my eyes.  I don’t mind the way they’re styled, but I’d personally pair these with baggy, high collared white t-shirt and either slip-ons or beat-up leather shoes. Available now at OKI-NI.