Patrick Ervell F/W 2017

After a three season hiatus, Patrick Ervell’s returned to fashion week with a show that situated his signature modernist, utilitarian, and detail oriented aesthetic within the context of a specific youth subculture.  Ervell’s collections often put forth a cohesive motif that is explained through the garments, and he described the express focus of this collection as “the new age and sci-fi infused aesthetic of early U.K. rave scene.. envision[ing] how they might have grown into adulthood.”  The result is a strong show that played to Ervell’s strengths as a designer, and he explored this theme through thought provoking silhouettes and off-beat fabrics.  I personally loved the chunky, anachronistic footwear in the show, as well as the use of visibly soft wools and mohair through the collection.  The paneled pullovers were another highlight, in addition to the nearly ubiquitous look of stiff, constructed work trousers.  Patrick Ervell’s garments are always inviting and approachable to me, and I loved how he drew on 90’s nostalgia in a way that felt original and fresh.