NOWNESS: Visits the home of artist Joan Gardy-Artigas

NOWNESS traveled to the rural landscape of Catalonia, Spain to share an intimate spotlight on artist and sculptor - Joan Gardy-Artigas for its ongoing "Private View" series. Having worked closely with Parisian artists Miró, Marc Chagall and Picasso throughout the cubism movement, Artigas now enjoys "retirement" with his wife and partner at their secluded home / studio named El Raćo. Aside from the captivating cinematography, film maker Marc Puig manages to capture enlightening philosophies and warm sentiments from Artigas throughout the 5 minute short.

"Profession isn't the most important thing. One's identity, spirit, and creations are what matters. The profession must be known and respected, but it also must be forgotten because it restricts freedom.. and freedom leads to art."