M2 Photobook by Takashi Homma

As part of their souvenir collection, Tres Bien has made limited copies of M2 by Takashi Homma available on their website. Published by Gallery 360 in 2011, M2 features original silkscreen prints of photographs of McDonald's restaurants around the world. This is a departure from Homma's usually technically perfect photographs, as the images in this collection are blown up, dotted, and printed in such a manner that they verge on abstraction. I'm always drawn to the ambiguous and alluring compositions of Homma's work, and his photos of McDonald's serve as a fascinating prism through which to view globalization, constructed urbanity, and built environments. This book is also tangibly filled with fresh ink, giving it an anachronistic feel while it simultaneously comments on modernity. Find it now at Tres Bien's souvenir shop.