OAMC | "No Cut Corners" Interview by: SSENSE

SSENSE recently published an illuminating interview the head designer of OAMC, Luke Meier.  Previously the head of design at Supreme before joining forces with Arnaud Faeh, former creative director of Carhartt WIP and SUPREME affiliate, Meier speaks to the the philosophies and values that underpin his brand. I find OAMC particularly intriguing because their garments resist categorization, and they occupy a liminal space within fashion. OAMC isn’t quite uniquely high fashion, but its also not strictly streetwear, and calling it a hybrid of the two feels like a cop out to me. Interestingly, Meier reveals he relishes this fact, and really resists being understood within the existing paradigms of fashion.  I really got the vibe from Meier that what’s central to him and the success of his brand is continuing to create garments with an  uncompromising vision, and that his artistic integrity is really something to be admired and respected.

You produce each design in the same manufacturing centers as Valentino and Tom Ford, and you’ve mentioned how you feel the brand is really closing a gap between streetwear and established houses.

We don’t cut any corners. Everything we do is on par with any of the brands mentioned. From an aesthetic point of view, I am hesitant to label our brand as streetwear because that has become such a loaded word these days. People like to throw around the phrase “luxury streetwear” with us, and I think it’s a bit dismissive. Maybe if you go back to streetwear’s beginnings, with someone like Shawn Stussy, then I would get it. He is probably more cultured and cleverer than any high end brand’s creative director, and his taste level is right up there. I hope people look at us as doing something new. We aren’t releasing straight graphics or nylon jackets, but at the same time we aren’t creating something that’s too stuffy.

Read the full interview here.