The Woman Behind Martin Margiela

Fashion house Margiela is one shrouded in mystery and ingenuity. Susannah Frankel of The New York Times Style Magazine, writes discriminatingly on the anonymity of the founders of Margiela, and most admirably on future-minded Jenny Meirens. Meirens offered Margiela the bedrock on which the iconic brand was founded; she procured whatever was necessary for the brand to remain free. In her words, “That was always the point.” Meirens’ vision and unconventional take on fashion spurred the brand as an iconoclast in the industry. As Frankel states:  “The luxury goods market is oversaturated, and because of that, fashion is moving toward a more low profile, lo-fi authenticity that is deeply rooted in the purposefully anti-establishment mind-set that Margiela and Meirens pioneered.”

An engaging read, Frankel discerns the importance of one of the most mysterious brands, and the strength of one woman who ran the show.

Source: The New York Times