The Mystery of Takahiro Miyashita

Eugene Rabkin, of Style Zeitgeist, takes the opportunity to sit with Takahiro Miyashita to discuss his passion project: TheSoloist. In its twelfth year, Miyashita originally created TheSoloist in order to regain creative control. After spending several unsatisfied years on Number (N)ine, Miyashita took a year to reflect on his work and find himself again. In his words, Miyashita now “[feels] more free to design for [his] own label.” He embraces his creative freedom in TheSoloist, producing garments that reflect the structureless abstract of one’s mind. While still inspired by the real world, the clothing is a result of these ideas filtered through his mind and personal perception. Rabkinof writes beautifully on a man whose words are few, yet poignant. Read the full interview here.