Over the years, I've found that I cannot really stay too fixated on one brand or designer. However, being able to be flexible and bounce around different styles has helped me better hone in a personal taste that is varied but not messy and all over the place. I was never too drawn to the heavy biker look of NEIGHBORHOOD but the brand still manages to reel me back every season with a couple of stand out pieces. This baseball jacket is a seasonal one that is branded normally on the front but features a bold graphic on the back that reads "MESS WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST". The quote seems to echo the spirit of Ura-Harajuku brands that burgeoned during the early and mid 2000's with a statement that is unafraid and somewhat provocative. This jacket really brings back the feelings that originally drew me to streetwear as a younger teen and though I would be too intimidated to wear it then, I think it's something I wouldn't mind wearing now.

The NEIGHBORHOOD B.B. / E-JKT is currently available in Blue and Black at HAVEN.