Rock Against Racism Photo Exhibit by Syd Shelton opens in Glasgow

Offering an intimate glimpse at Britain's various youth subcultures of the late 1970's, Glasgow's Street Level Photoworks opens a travelling exhibit from photographer Syd Shelton. In 1977 Shelton joined the Rock Against Racism campaign aimed at countering the spread of nationalism, facist ideology and racial conflict being promoted by groups such as the National Front. Shelton would go on to spend four years photographing the hundreds of events and concerts put on by the group which featured acts such as The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Specials and X-Ray Spex. Perhaps the most compelling era of British music and youth culture, the photographs vividly capture the unique intermingling and blurring of punk, skinhead, reggae, ska, and post-punk tribes and are a timely reminder of the power of art and music in stomping out divisiveness, esepcially during the current tide of right wing and exclusionary politics spreading across the globe. Open now at Street Level Photoworks.

Rock Against Racism: Photographs by Syd Shelton
February 11 - April 9 2017
Street Level Photoworks
Trongate 103