A Modern Work Wardrobe from Teätora

“A workwear brand for modern creators,” at first glance Teätora’s stripped back selection of smart, tech pieces seem to nod heavily towards refined active and performance-wear. In fact their ethos is centered around a far more sedentary lifestyle, the Tokyo-based label from Daisuke Kamide aimed specifically at those who spend the majority of their day attached to a chair. A more realistic approach to the ways in which technical clothing is worn in the real world, they point out “…at no time since the dawn of history has work in the ‘sitting’ position been so common.”

For Teätora, the all-black collection starts with a well-designed pair of trousers, practical and comfortable enough for both days at the desk and life on the move. Around this, blazers, overcoats, shirts and hoodies are added to form a packable, modular wardrobe utilising lightweight, wrinkle-resistant nylons and functional details from zipped device pockets to adjustable waists. A contemporary take on the work suit, find the collection at Coverchord.