Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2017 "Painted Sneakers"

Maison Margiela has etablished a very recognizable aesthetic throughout the years; even when taking obvious inspirations from topical/popular sources the Parisien entity’s signature still shines through. Opting to mimic silhouettes and technologies currently utilized by sportswear giants, the latest Spring/Summer 2017 footwear release features a sectional sole popularized by Nike’s Free run sole unit and knit uppers with elastic ribbed opening seen most recently on adidas’ Prime Knit iterations. Margiela’s signature uneven cracked paint is applied in 3 colourways allowing some of the base shoe and soles to peek through. I myself have not been a huge fan of the sleek lightweight sneaker trend outside of sports performance, but this is an interesting interpretation with a unique twist I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on. I would love to see how these age with wear and how the mimicked comfort and performance elements stacks up. Available for purchase and pre-order at Maison Margiela stockists such as L’Inde Le Palas and Antonioli.