Divinities/SHINKNOWNSUKE "Shit My World" Floor Rug

In high-school, I grew up with online forums as a means to discover and discuss streetwear and designer fashion with other people around the world as well as carve my own tastes in clothing and style. The original HYPEBEAST forums was one I frequented and I eventually discovered this small brand called "DIVINITIES" in one sub-forum. The brand struck me instantly; as a young kid just getting into streetwear, I knew right off the bat there was something different about DIVINITIES that I wanted a piece of. They weren't creating anything groundbreaking by any means, just graphic tees with small punchlines and unique accessories I've never seen before via pins, mugs, clocks, etc. They bit designs and riffs from other brand's older work but executed it in a way that wasn't gaudy. You could tell that there was genuine thought and effort behind what they were creating and the brand wasn't playing on trends or trying to make a quick buck.

This rug by Japanese graphic artist SHINKNOWNSUKE is one of the reasons I believe DIVINITIES still retains the same underground edge from its beginnings. The graphic is erratic and trippy, making little sense, but offers a glance into the artist's mind through an unconventional medium that is right in line with the eccentricity DIVINITIES is known for.

Measuring 30" x 20", the "SHIT MY WORLD" floor rug is available for purchase through DIVINITIES website for $64 USD.