UNUSED x Buzz Rickson's MA-1 Jacket

I have been a fan of Buzz Rickson's for many years now. Run by Toyo Enterprises, the same company behind Sugar Cane denim and Hawaiian shirt maker Sun Surf, the military focused Rickson's line exemplifies Japan's detail-obsessed, vintage reproduction movement. The crown jewel of the Buzz Rickson's line, as immortalized in William Gibson's 'Pattern Recognition', is the MA-1 flight jacket. I have always wanted a Rickson's MA-1, but with its boxy and short fit combined with it being notoriously hard to find outside of Japan, I have never been able to pull the trigger. I was pleased and surprised to see UNUSED tap the maker this season for a custom MA-1. The jacket is tailored with modified proportions for a more modern and western-friendly fit while still honoring the original and maintaining Rickson's obsessive level of quality and construction. Along with updated tailoring, the jacket is also reversible to a classic safety orange, which is conveniently one of the season's trendiest colors. Find it now from HAVEN and GOODHOOD.