Tsumiki Stacking Blocks by Kengo Kuma

Contemporary architecture icon Kengo Kuma takes a step away from superstructures and stadiums to create something that rouses the imagination. These Tsumiki stacking blocks fit together like tiles, but suggest a multidimensional tangram. Kuma’s central dogma is that of respecting our surroundings instead of dominating them; his projects sustain fascination with nature. Kuma teamed up with forest conservation organization More Trees to bring light to the process of tree thinning, an environmentally friendly method of forestation.

Made with Japanese cedar specifically harvested from the Miyazaki Prefecture, these blocks sit neatly on top on each other, creating new forms and figures with each block. The blocks offer a curious escape with a gentle reminder of the adaptability and function of nature. Available now in 7, 13 & 22 piece sets through Nalata / Nalata.