"VAGUE" Series by Andrea Mary Marshall

Andrea Mary Marshall isn’t one to shy away from satire, and this new collection is no exception. Marshall often uses whichever materials available to her, even herself, to underscore her message and further create impactful art. "VAGUE" -  a collection created for Miami Art Basel, features Vogue Magazine covers with hand painted rendering of Marshall’s own. In her own reinterpretation, Marshall seamlessly ties the airbrushed Vogue covers with her take on the works of the masters. She exemplifies Matisse, Klimt and Gaugin in their typically colourful manner, but also incorporates modern geniuses like Yayoi Kusama, Murakami, George Condo and Richard Prince. Whether the intent was to poke fun at celebrity or to bridge the gap between popularity and the art world, I got the joke and am still laughing.