Issey Miyake Reversible Techno Blazer

Despite Issey Miyake’s departure from the helm of his eponymous label, appointed creative director Yusuke Takahashi continues to uphold the elementary principles of the storied brand's design philosophy. The line is 46 years old this year and a vision which stresses the avant-garde, innovate use of textiles and texture in conjunction with classical tailoring continues to drive Issey Miyake. Issey Miyake was a comprehensive, systems thinker who sought to make garments that were universally applicable in the world. This unique perspective continues to generate a dedicated group of followers for contemporary Issey Miyake, as the line has successfully avoided falling into irrelevance and sustains a distinct position within the landscape of fashion. This piece, available on SSENSE, is classic Miyake. A reversible blazer, done in a deep navy “techno” satin that is comprised of 88% polyester and 12% cotton, epitomizes the core of the Issey Miyake aesthetic in my eyes. This unstructured garment seems perfect for the modern man, as the reversible, technical fabric in addition to off-beat pocket placement allows for it to be worn in a variety of different contexts, from a bustling office in Tokyo to an hidden gallery on the Lower East Side. The versatility of this garment brings me back to one of the quotes that made me fall in love with Issey, when Aromu Mushiake’s described his 1977 show as “succeeding in visualizing life itself.” Issey Miyake’s sensibilities give even the most banal, traditional menswear an air of ‘cool’ that is predicated on an interesting take on utility and functionality, and nowhere is it more evident than his take on a navy blazer.